Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maple Creek in the news

An article in the Tri-City News, about the recent pump failure, and the Cities quick fix. Also an article about two proposed ponds along Maple Creek, as compensation for damage being done to Broadway Creek, in Port Coquitlam
Fish feast gets quick fix from city crews

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New blog!

We will use this blog to share news and information about Maple Creek.
I will be slowly rebuilding the old website, to better integrate with the new site that Google, migrated the old site to. Here is the old Maple Creek Streamkeepers website.
Check out the Hoy-Scott website to see what the new Google sites are capable of.

If any members want to contribute to this blog, Contact me and I will add you to the editor list.

Please provide input, into what you want to see here, and on the new website.

You can actually post messages here using mobile phones,etc. If you need that capability, please Contact me, and I will set it up. I normally leave it turned OFF.